Class Announcements 

Week 7 of 8 June 10th - 16th

It’s WEEK 7 PEOPLE! This is your last week for wet clay. EVERYTHING you want fired needs to be leather hard and on the bisque carts by 4PM THIS Sunday (June 16th) IF you are not taking class next session, your shelf needs to be cleaned off and wiped down by this Sunday as well. All work should be going through the firing process. Week 8 will be glazing only.

The Norwood Lateral change is happening June 9th at 6 PM. All westbound lanes and exits will be closed so start looking for alternative routes. 

We are having a big party on the 20th of this month. Hillary and Stella are both leaving this summer and we want to send them off with a bang. Before Hillary leaves, we said she HAS to do a slide show with pictures from her Taiwan trip with Kirk. The party and slide show will be a pot luck and will run from 7-9. We want EVERYONE there!

Week 8 of 8 June 17th - 23rd

It’s glaze week people! If you are not taking class next session, your shelf should be cleaned off and ready for the next student. Glaze everything and double check that pots go on the correct cart. 

We have a break week after this session. Next session starts July 1st. If you are not a year member or booth renter, the studio is closed that week. 

Incoming resident Margaret Kammerer is teaching a 6 week workshop at DAAP. Check out the big wall of knowledge for more info. 

The work is both galleries is for sale so if you see something you like, take it down to retail and purchase. Jill Seidel has work in the highlight space and it looks awesome so give her a high five if you see her.

Last thing…Don’t forget the party Thursday night. 6-9, pot luck food, slide show, and paaaaaaarty! BE THERE!


Have a great week!