Class Announcements

Week 5 of 8  18th - 24th

Speedball is 20% off this week

Ben will be teaching a free clay and glaze class Wednesday, Sept. 27th. This class is for all beginner and intermediate students who have questions about why we pick different clays, what the different kilns do, what techniques you can use…when, and all those other confusing things you hear around the studio. Class will be 5:15 to 6:15 and really does help you make good decisions in the clay process. 

The Holiday Bazaar sign up will be open to the public this Wednesday so if you want to take part and haven’t filled out the online form, DO IT!

The next class session is open for registration. This is the big one…..last chance for alternative firing this year, time to create work for the holidays, and the most seasonable temperature in the main studio! Sign up now!

Week 6 of 8  Sept. 25th - Oct. 1st

Xiem tools are 20%off

There are no fieldtrips this week. WHAAAAAAAA……. yep.. practice anywhere…..all ya want………Carpe Diem!!!!

Class 510……the return shelves are not extra storage. Please pick up your work as soon as possible. This is where you picture John Fowler giving you the bombastic side eye.

Oct. 7th we have an open house for families of school age kids. This will highlight all we have to offer kids and teens during the school year. We will have wheel demos and some other projects going on. BE THERE>  Also, Oct. 20th is the next gallery opening which will have fun family clay projects along with the food and drinks! Bring all your friends…….even the B listers!

Holiday Bazaar posters and postcards are in retail already so grab a stack and pass them out, post them at coffee shops, and drop them from planes.

Have a great week!