Class Announcements

 Week 7 of 8. February 19th - 25th

At the end of week 7 (Feb. 25th) All clay work should be done, at least leather hard,  and up on the bisque carts. That means EVERYTHING. If you are not taking class again, your shelf should be cleaned off and ready for the next student that same day. If you ARE taking class again, clean your shelf to keep dust low and put stuff back on there. Week 8 (Feb. 26th - March 3rd) is for glazing only. You will keep coming back even after the session is over to collect bisqueware, glaze it, and collect all finished work until everything is done.  TEACHERS - please field some questions on how this goes so everyone is ready and feels like they understand. 

Our retail Skill Builder highlight focusing on GR forms is March 2nd. IF you preregister and pay the whopping $10.00 fee, then you get a FREE GR form at the session. WHAT???????????????  Yep, it’s true. BE THERE

Week 8 of 8 Feb. 26th through MARCH 3rd????? That was fast

We have coffee and clay coming up this Sunday, March 3rd. 10:30 to noon. come hang out and talk about INSPIRATION!!! Do you need some, where do you find some, etc……. This is a great way to meet other students here so come and have food and drinks on us!

We have Tuesday and Friday fieldtrips of about 20 students so pretty low key

Our Spring pottery sale will be a one day sale on April 27th. Registration starts the first week of March. 

If you have a dog that frequents the studio, please make sure you are cleaning up after them in the kiln yard. It has become a minefield back there. 

I you are firing pots from class, they HAVE to have the class number clearly on them. Don’t make John Cranky. 

Finally, make sure you are checking out the posters around the studio that have the retail skill highlight schedules on them. 

Have a great week!