Class Announcements

Week 2 of 8  May 22nd  (Week 3 info under the week 2 announcements)

 retail sale is 20% off Xiem tools (pronounced ooh-la-la)

John Fowler has 99 problems and the problems cart is ACTUALLY one of them. Please check the problem to cart to see if you have a pot that needs fixin!

We have a new show space by the garage doors and it’s called “The Project Space”.  You are going to see rotating displays in this room that might highlight what some classes are doing or things the residents might be working on. Check it out! Its very cool. Soda fired pots are in there right now.

Ron Philbeck and Amy Sanders are coming to Queen City Clay June 10th and 11th 9am-4pm.  Ron’s work is wheel thrown and soda fired with bold graphic imagery.  He uses wax resist in combination with underglazes and slips.  Amys work is hand built utilizing soft slabs and a ton of texture.  There is something in this workshop for everyone.  Sign up online or down in retail.

Remember that we are Closed on Memorial Day (Monday). Go have fun with your families. If you are in a Monday night class, check with your teacher for the make-up day. Also, an email will go out to everyone incase you are missing this weeks class. 

Have a great week and a wonderful holiday. 

P.S.        Kids camps start next week so keep in mind that the parking lot will be crazy around 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM every day. 

Week 3 of 8  

We hope you all had an amazing long weekend and are ready to get back to MAKING!!!!! 

Check out the workshop posters that are hanging around the studio. They have pictures of work from Ron and Amy so you can get an idea of what you will be learning. FYI, if you are interested in texture and wax resist, this workshop will be amazing. Sign up soon! Even if you can’t take the workshop, there is a free slide talk with the artists Friday, June 9th. BE THERE

retail sale is 20% off of MKM tools. (You will want those texture rollers after seeing Amy’s workshop)

If you can pick your practice night, try to avoid Wednesday this week (the 31st). It will be real full in the wheel room. 

Have a great week and start thinking about glazing.