Class Announcements

Nov. 28th. Week 6 of 8

This week’s sale is 20% off of all Mudtools.  

Our Studio HOLIDAY POT LUCK PARTY is going to be Thursday Dec. 15th from 6-8. We will have a sign up for soups and desserts and all things yummy. Also, if you want to participate in the pottery exchange, bring a piece in a paper bag. (we have bags if you need one last minute) Most people bring mugs/bowls or smaller work that represents their style. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Intro students, this is a great time to meet other studio members and staff.

We have 30 field trip students on Tuesday morning and 30 students on Friday morning. Both groups are on the wheel. 

Everyone needs to check the problem shelf over and over as we get to the end of the year. Anything left on that shelf after Dec. 23rd will be thrown in the trash so we can start fresh in the new year. 

Thank you all so much for the volunteer work, advertising, and great pots that were put into the holiday bazaar. We had our best sale ever and we hope you had a great time. Special thanks to Beth, Jess, and fire master John for leading such a great event.

Week 6 is a great time to get a jump on glazing so see what you can get knocked out early.

As things get rushed at the end of the class session, please remember to do your cleaning part. Every practice session, class, or special event should end in ALL bats and ware boards being cleaned and returned to their place. All work stations should be cleaned INCLUDING floor and wedging table. And most importantly, anything that is wiped with a sponge or hit with a mop NEEDS to be wiped dry with a CLEAN towel or rag. That is what traps the clay dust and finishes the job. Thanks so much for your help with this.

Now go finish 2022 with strong work ethic, determination, and follow through!