Equipment Repair

Kiln Repairs

QCC works with Becky Geiger, who is a certified electrician and does all of our kiln work.  Contact Becky at 513.616.9112 for all of your kiln repair needs.  If you’re having a kiln emergency and she can’t get to you fast enough, give us a call and we will try to send a replacement as soon as possible.

Before you call, please make sure you have:

  • The make and model of your kiln, along with phase and voltage.
  • The number on any error messages you might be getting.

Wheel Repairs

QCC  services wheels in house.  It may take several weeks to repair a wheel if we have to order parts for it.  You must schedule to drop off your wheel in advance.  If you’d like to schedule to bring your wheel in for a repair please email us to let us know the make and model of your wheel and what the problem is.

Service Calls

QCC can also do a service call to your home or school if you need us to look at any of your equipment.  Wheels, kilns, slab rollers…

Service calls are $150 for the first hour, $75 for each additional hour.  Please give us as much detail as you can before we come out so we can bring the parts we think we’ll need to service your equipment.  That will save us time and save you money!

We also do service calls for annual maintenance to keep all of your equipment running smoothly and prolong it’s life.  Ask about our equipment maintenance program.

Contact us to schedule a service call.

General Maintenence

Kiln Maintenence


Kilns Need…

  • Safety checks
  • Cleaning
  • Parts Replacement

If your are taking good care of your kiln, a normal schedule would be..

Computer Kilns

  • Kiln wash and vacuum- every 3 firings
  • Replace Thermocouple- every 6 months
  • Replace Elements & Relays- every 2 years

Manual Kilns

  • Kiln wash and vacuum- every 3 firings
  • Replace Elements- every 2 years

Wheel Maintenance

We will inspect wheels for possible power cord, belt, busing, or pedal problems.  Most wheels only need minor repairs and adjustments, but maintenance should be performed on them at least once a year.

Slab Rollers

Most slab rollers will need lubrication and possible cable tightening or restringing.

Pug Mills

Safety and electrical inspection every year, as well as lubrication and cleaning.