residency program

Our residency program is designed to allow emerging and established artists the space to develop work in a supportive and creative environment, foster innovative teaching concepts, provide support for new and exciting workshop ideas, and give residents the ability to “test drive” different clay career possibilities.  The residency program at Queen City Clay is unique in that it emphasizes the development of the individual as part of a larger community in both the studio and in the greater tri-state area.  Our residents benefit from the connections we have made over many years with local universities other arts organizations, non-profits, and countless businesses.

At QCC, your time can feel like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book.  With a fun and lively staff, you decide the direction that you need to take, and we are right behind you to support and mentor you in either one specific area or across every facet (pottery humor) of the business.  

Qualified Resident Artists are accepted at both 1 year residencies and short term residencies (min. of 1 month, max. of 3 months)

You get a little bit of everything in the clay world at Queen City Clay:

  • teaching skills

  • artistic growth

  • professional development through our gallery

  • learning the business of clay through our retail shop and relationship with industry leaders

  • constructing new tools and techniques

  • interaction with all ages and professions

  • wood shop access

The Space

Our facility is a 50,000 square foot teaching studio, supply house, exhibition gallery, sales gallery, and workshop space.  We are equipped with:

  • 50 Brent wheels

  • multiple hand-building stations

  • 2 extruders

  • 3 slab rollers

  • 1 massive clay mixer, capable of mixing 300lbs

  • Soldner mixer

  • 3 pugmills

  • 22 house cone 10 glazes

  • 10 house cone 6 glazes

  • 22 house cone 10 glazes

  • 10 house cone 6 glazes 

  • 7 Skutt 1227 electric kilns

  • 1 36 cubic foot wood kiln

  • 1 20 cubic foot outdoor soda kiln

  • 2 outdoor raku kilns

  • A wood fired pizza oven

  • Space for pit firing

  • Space for kiln building is also available.

  • You must be a ceramic artist, working either functionally or sculpturally.  The work may utilize other materials, but must be primarily ceramic.
  • knowledgeable of the routine workings of a clay studio, ie. loading and firing kilns, clay and glaze mixing, and regular studio upkeep.
  • able to work independently while taking advantage of the interactive ceramics community and available opportunities at QCC
  • energetic, responsible, and willing to work efficiently during the scheduled weekly work hours in the studio outside of your personal work time
  • must not be enrolled either full or part-time in school
  • must be at a level of accomplishment, commitment, and growth in one’s artistic endeavors
  • committed to fulfill the entire timeline of your residency obligation
  • continuous pursuit of creative work (min 20hrs/wk)
  • on average, 8hrs/wk of studio teaching/technical support, ie. studio upkeep, kiln loading and firing, maintenance of kilns and kiln shelves, record keeping, mixing glazes, gallery installation, mixing clay, workshop assistant, teaching assistant, and so forth
  • active participation in the studio community
  • requirement of teaching one class per session after the 2 month training period at the onset of your residency
  • donation of one piece of your body of work to the QCC collection
  • Year long residencies have a 30 day trial period and review.  After 6 months an evaluation meeting will be completed to continue with the remainder of the residency.
  • 24 hour access to the studio and facilities
  • private studio space equipped with wood shelving, table, plaster wedging board, and a wheel if needed
  • exhibition and sale space in the Gallery Shop
  • paid additional teaching opportunities beyond the one required class per session
  • immersion in a large creative community
  • opportunity to attend all QCC workshops at no charge
  • 20 percent discount on purchases
  • clay at cost
  • $50 monthly stipend
  • access to a fully stocked glaze kitchen
  • Nearby attractions include artists’ studios, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center, Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, Taft Museum of Art, Cincinnati Museum Center, and a large selection of local galleries and historic sites.
to apply

All applications should include:

  • current resume
  • artist statement
  • artist bio
  • A statement regarding what you wish to gain from this residency position; which area you would like to concntrat in- studio, education, gallery, or retail- and why; what you will bring to this resident position, what your short term plans as an artist are.
  • three references with contact information
  • an email with 10-20 digital images with a corresponding image list.  Digital images should be in JPEG format, 72dpi, with each file labeled with last name, first inital, and numbers indicating your preferred viewing order (ex: doej1.jpg)
  • Please have your name on the top of every document submitted.  

meet our


Emma Robinson has been an artist in residence with Queen City Clay since August 2021. Her favorite thing to make are decorative trinket jars. She draws inspiration for her work from the arts and crafts movement, nature, and fashion. Emma has really enjoyed getting some teaching practice this year and her favorite classes to teach are wheel and handbuilding. Her favorite part of Queen City Clay is visiting with all the studio member’s pets, seeing the fun projects her students come up with, and spending time in her studio– of course! When she’s not in the studio, Emma is probably cuddling her two cats Lola and Luna and watching movies. 

current resident

Emma Robinson

current resident

Lila Willis

Lila Willis is a Cincinnati based artist who graduated summa cum laude from Miami University with a B.F.A. in Studio Arts, concentrating in Ceramics. Lila’s work has been featured in various exhibitions at the Miami University Art Museum, Hiestand Galleries, The Mason Gallery, Ohio University Art Galleries, and Cube 4 Gallery. While her primary medium is ceramics, she has incorporated a variety of other mediums into her work such as photography, printmaking, sculpture, and fiber arts. Through the exploration of these mediums she aims to create meaningful handmade objects.

current resident

James Lee Webb

James Lee Webb grew up in the front porch of the south in a small, somewhat quaint little town called North Middletown, Kentucky. He received his BFA in ceramics from Eastern Kentucky University before leaving his Old Kentucky Home to obtain an MFA in ceramics at Southern Illinois University in 2017. James has completed four long-term artist residency programs along the east coast after graduate school, including Mudflat Pottery school in Boston, MA, Clay Art Center in Portchester, NY and Pocosin School of Fine Craft in Columbia, NC. He has recently begun his fifth clay residency program at Queen City Clay in Cincinnati, Ohio. James has taught wheel throwing at the University of Cincinnati and Currently teaches ceramics handbulding techniques at the University of Dayton, OH. He was one of few artists selected internationally by Ceramics Monthly Magazine as Emerging Artist in ceramics of 2019. His new, in-developing body of work talks about stories of reupholstering old couches with his deeply American-spirited immigrant grandmother. His work is reaching to get-at-the-heart of the very fabric of the nostalgia of the stories about his grandmother and the ones she told of the old world living in East Germany. His favorite color is RealTree Camouflage, and his favorite food is salt.