Supporting scholarships for Field Trips & Classes @ Queen City Clay

Part of our mission here at Queen City Clay is to “make the creative process accessible to all”.  As operating costs rise and prices go up, it is increasingly difficult for a for-profit business like us to provide affordable options to the greater community.  In an effort to align with our mission and goal to make a clay experience available to anyone who wants to try, our studio is introducing the QCC Ambassadors Membership.


All profits from the QCC Ambassadors Membership will go directly towards our new scholarship program.  Along with other revenue streams we are implementing, this program will help fund classes, field trips, and other clay experiences for those who might not otherwise be able to participate in programming at our studio.  

   This new membership level would give former members and supporters a way to continue to be involved in the studio, our mission, and your community by giving the gift of an educational clay experience through a monthly membership fee of your choice.  

Benefits and Membership Levels


Members will gain access to exclusive preview times for gallery shows in the Trish Martindell Gallery before items are available for sale to the general public.  

Members will be invited to all gallery talks and lectures in the gallery, including gallery talks in conjunction with workshops with no workshop registration required.  

Members will also be invited to audit in-house workshops presented at QCC by our staff at no cost.*  These may include, but are not limited to, retail based workshops and presentations by our resident artists.  QCC Ambassadors will also qualify for a 10% discount on national level workshops.

*Auditing includes watching demonstrations, but no hands-on work.  Exclusions on some in-house workshops may apply, such as our free teacher workshops and firing workshops.

Level 1:  up to $30/month.  All benefits mentioned above.

Level 2:  up to $50/month.  QCC T-shirt, tote bag, or equivalent each year of membership plus all benefits mentioned above.  

Level 3:  $51+/month.  10% off all gallery purchases**; QCC T-shirt, tote bag, or equivalent each year of membership; 15% discount on national level workshops; all benefits mentioned above.

**Excludes purchases made at the QCC Holiday Bazaar & Spring Sale.


Just some of what we're doing so far:

  • Providing off-site community events
  • Hosting 2 fieldtrips each year for low income schools
  • Sponsoring workshops and classes for individual students most sessions
  • Teaching special events for both school and arts groups

Know a group who would benefit?  Direct them to our financial assistance application in the footer of our website.

Contact Us

Interested in an supporting scholarships through an Ambassador membership?  Contact us for more info.


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