Queen City Clay offers several options for firing your ceramic work.  Whether you need to rent a couple of kilns or just have a single piece to be fired, come on in and we’ll help you figure out the most cost effective and efficient way to get your work through the kilns.  We bisque fire to cone 04.  We also offer glaze firings at cone 05, cone 5, cone 9, and cone 10 reduction.  Bisque and glaze firings in oxidation usually turn around in 2 to 3 weeks.  Reduction firings generally take 3 to 4 weeks.  We only fire the kilns when they’re full.  Please drop off work to be fired at least one month before any important deadlines.  If you’re interested in using the raku kiln, please call to schedule a session with one of our instructors.  Raku pricing is subject to change with the price of fuel.  Queen City Clay cannot be held responsible for any cracking, explosions, or glaze issues…but we’d be happy to troubleshoot any issues with you so it doesn’t happen again!  Stop in or give us a call if you have questions about firing.

Firing Prices

By the Kiln Load

  • low fire electric, cone 06-04, 7 cu. ft. - $60 member, $75 non-member
  • high fire electric, cone 6 - 9, 7 cu. ft. - $75 member, $90 non-member
  • high fire, cone 8-10 electric, 7 cu. ft. - $90
  • raku kiln, 3 cu. ft. - $125* (pricing may vary based on fuel cost, call for appt. & pricing)
  • downdraft gas kiln, 40 cu. ft. - $400


By the Piece

  • electric kiln firing - $1/lb member, $2/lb non-member
  • gas kiln & electric kiln firing at ^9/10 - $2/lb member, $4/lb non-member


Firing Options for Members

  • Yearly Class and Booth Plus Members may use our “Worry Free” firing program to pay for firing and glazing done outside of class boundaries.  Up to 75 lbs of extra firing per class session. - $20/month, charged with your membership fees.
  • All Yearly Members, Monthly Studio Rental, and Monthly Booth Rental Members can buy a package of firing pounds at special member prices.
    • 100 lbs for $85
    • 75 lbs for $65
    • 50 lbs for $45

Studio Glaze Prices

Studio Glazes are only available to Studio Members

By the Kiln Load

  • cone 6 electric - $40 member
  • cone 9 electric - $60 member

By the Piece

  • .25 cents per pound, to be added to the firing cost
  • Glaze costs will be applied to pounds packages when applicable.