Ceramic Additives


Bisque Fix

Stock #: 28897B
4oz: $18.95

This white paste is an excellent mending material for bisque that can be used to bond pieces together or fill up broken cavities. Bisque Fix can be colored to match the bisque using metal oxides or ceramic stains. After applying with a spatula, fire to the temperature of the clay and glaze that you are using — up to Cone 10 (2381°F, 1305°C).
Important Storage Note:
Bisque fix is and air set concrete type product. There is a way to keep it longer. After you have used it and are ready to put it away, put a thin layer of water in the jar then recap and store. When you go to use it again pour off the water, remix and apply as normal.

SP Mender

Stock #: 41373A
2oz: $2.18

SP-Mender is easy to use and provides a strong bond for mending ceramic greenware. For mending broken greenware, moisten the broken areas with water and follow with an application of AMACO® SP-Mender, press together and hold in place for a few seconds until the break is sealed and holding firmly. AMACO SP-Mender is also excellent for stick-on work (i.e., arms, lace, flowers, etc.).

Gum Solution

Stock #: 41371N
2oz: $6.40

Add AMACO® Gum Solution to glazes to improve their brushability and slow their drying time which results in a more even and consistent application. Old, thick glazes can be brought back to their original creamy consistency by thinning the glaze with water first, then adding about a tablespoon of AMACO® Gum Solution, or as much as needed to obtain good brushability without drag. AMACO® Gum Solution will prevent glazes from drying fast and cracking.
After using AMACO® Underglaze Pencils and Crayons, carefully spray or brush a diluted coat of Gum Solution all over the surface to seal the underglaze. Let it dry, then brush on a clear glaze. The Gum Solution seal will prevent the colors from smearing while brushing on the glaze.

Sodium Silicate "N"

Stock #: 42168E
2oz: $10.95

AMACO® N Brand Sodium Silicate is a deflocculant that can be used with AMACO® Porcelain Slip, Casting Formula 15-S, and Sedona Red Casting Slip to adjust viscosity.