(A) Artist’s Choice

These special effects glazes imitate the Artist/Potter’s favorites. They are Cone 05 oxidation glazes that look like high fired reduction stoneware. Effects like Temmoku, Rutile, Oil Spot, and other reduction surfaces are achieved without the cost or trouble of high fire reduction. They can be fired over any AMACO® earthenware clay, however they look best over dark or red firing clay like AMACO’s 67-M. The color in the clay will partially show through the texture and add another color dimension to the glaze. These glazes will look completely different depending on the clay on which they are applied.

•Reduction looks in oxidation firing
•Break and Pool Over Texture
•Cone 05

A-22 Aztec Turquoise

16oz Pint Stock #: 36301A
Gallon: N/A

A-24 Exotic Blue

16oz Pint Stock #: 36302B
Gallon: N/A

A-28 Peacock

16oz Pint Stock #: 36303C
Gallon: N/A

A-32 Iron Saturate

16oz Pint Stock#: 36304D
Gallon: N/A

A-34 Sand Bar

16oz Pint Stock #: 36307G
Gallon: N/A

A-40 Seafoam Green

16oz Pint Stock #: 36305E
Gallon: N/A

A-43 Green Float

16oz Pint Stock #: 36309H
Gallon: N/A

A-52 Old Brick

16oz Pint Stock #: 36308L
Gallon: N/A

A-61 Moss Brown

16oz Pint Stock #: 36310K
Gallon: N/A

A-62 Camel

16oz Pint Stock #: 36306F
Gallon: N/A

A-66 Burnt Orange

16oz Pint Stock #: 36311M
Gallon: N/A