Crystalline Slow-Cool Glazes

Crystalline Slow Cool Glazes are a great way to add exciting new details to your work. They are less runny than traditional crystal glazes, removing the need for a drip tray, and can be fired with other, non-crystal glazes. They do still run, so take care with your application!

•For best results, use Coyote’s Slow-Cool firing program
•Cone 5/6

Ivory Crystal

16oz Pint Stock #: MBG160

Crystal Celadon

16oz Pint Stock #: MBG161

Crystal Lagoon

16oz Pint Stock #: MBG162

Crystal Aurora

16oz Pint Stock #: MBG163

Crystal Nebula

16oz Pint Stock #: MBG164

Rose Crystal

16oz Pint Stock #: MBG165