Tiles installed by

Rita Geiger

I was a fine arts major at TMU in the seventies.  That was my first experience with clay.  I did not get back to clay for 40 plus years.  I worked in Photography for about ten years after I graduated.  I did custom processing, printing, studio, and location shooting.  My family came next.

I started coming to QCC in the fall of 2005 when it was still Funke Fired Arts.  When I heard of the studio, I wanted to give wheel thrown pottery another try.  It was as much fun as I remembered.

I also do watercolor and pastel painting.  Most of my work is landscape.  In these mediums I am very detail oriented and concerned with the play of light and shadow on my subject.  In pottery I am more about function and form, with clean lines and smooth surfaces.  The attention to detail is in the way that I try to finish each piece.

For me, pottery is a way to create useful and beautiful items. It puts me in my “happy place”.