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Our new online subscription service is for everyone.  You’ll have access to our current library of videos and we’ll be posting a new video every week!  These tutorials will take you from beginner through advanced techniques in wheel throwing, handbuilding, and surface techniques.  Whether you’re working from home, or using our studio for space and firing, tailor your subscription to the services that are right for you.  Upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time.

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1 week free trial period when you sign up for a subscription!


(no Zoom meetings or tools included in the trial period.)


Clay Enthusiast

This subscription will give you access to our entire educational video library with new content added consistently across subjects.

  • Instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students
  • Detailed tutorials on wheel, handbuilding, surface and firing 
  • New content added weekly
  • $27.99/month

Tool Lover

Access all of the video content included in the Clay Enthusiast membership, PLUS receive a new featured tool from our retail shop every month.

  • Tools will be hand picked by our instructors.
  • Learn how to best use each tool in our videos.
  • $37.99/month

Interactive Learner

Access all of the video content and free tool included in the Tool Lover membership, PLUS get a 30 minute ZOOM Meeting with one of our instructors each month.

  • Ask questions, problem solve, and get critiques.
  • Sign up online for a meeting time  with the instructor of your choice.
  • $47.99/month

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