Kiln Purchasing

We have a trained sales staff to answer all of your questions and we work with the best kiln companies in the business.  We offer competitive pricing, but our kiln installation and service is second to none because we provide a full education and continued support to anyone who buys a kiln from us for the life of the kiln.

Buying a kiln for your school? Queen City Clay provides free training to any teacher or administrator for any kiln, whether purchased from us or from another company.  We want you to succeed.  We can help provide a safe environment and perfect firings for your students.  You can find our recommended kiln firing schedules on our tutorials page.  Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about firing your kiln.  We want to make sure you get it right!  Contact Beth Suellentrop-Barkey if you need to schedule a training.  See below for kiln servicing.

For Builders and Construction companies, we provide quick quotes and all the specs needed to get the job done right.  See the kiln manufacturer’s website for electrical specifications.

Use the links for the manufacturer’s websites to research which kiln is right for you.  Please contact Beth Suellentrop-Barkey for pricing and questions.

Servicing & Maintenance

Kiln Maintenance

Becky Geiger is a certified electrician and does our kiln work.  Contact Becky at 513.616.9112 for all of your kiln repair needs.  If she can’t get to you fast enough, give us a call and we will send a replacement.

Kilns Need…

  • Safety checks
  • Cleaning
  • Parts Replacement

If your are taking good care of your kiln, a normal schedule would be…

Computer Kilns-

  • Thermocouple- every 6 months
  • Elements and Relays- every 2 years
  • Kiln wash and vacuum- every three firings

Manual Kilns-

  • Elements- every two years
  • Kiln wash and vacuum- every three firings

Wheel Maintenance

We will inspect wheels for possible power cord, belt, busing, or pedal problems.  Most wheels only need minor repairs and adjustments, but maintenance should be performed on them at least once a year.

Slab Rollers

Most slab rollers will need lubrication and possible cable tightening or restringing.

Pug Mills

Safety and electrical inspection every year, as well as lubrication and cleaning.



$150 for a one hour service call, $75 for each additional hour.