(TC) Teacher’s Choice

Available in eight 100% intermixable colors, Teacher’s Choice® (TC) gloss glazes offer limitless color for limited budgets.

•Great For Painterly Details
•Intermixable for infinite color palette
•Layerable without bleeding through
•Affordable for studio or classroom
•Cone 05

Available in gallons ***See Price List at the Bottom of the Page***

TC-1 Black

Gallon Stock #: 36501A

TC-41 Green

Gallon Stock #: 36505E

TC-11 White

Gallon Stock #: 36502B

TC-58 Red

Gallon Stock #: 36506F

TC-21 Blue

Gallon Stock #: 36503C

TC-60 Yellow

Gallon Stock #: 36507G

TC-32 Brown

Gallon Stock #: 36504D

TC-64 Orange

Gallon Stock #: 36508N