Archie’s Glazes

The Archie’s Series can be challenging to use, but rewards your skill with some of the most beautiful glazes available. They flow and interact with other colors dramatically, creating fantastic finishes unlike anything else possible in an electric kiln. They are also strongly affected by slow-cooling. Be careful of thickness, these colors may run!

•Good for layering
•Designed for slow-cooling
•Cone 5 / 6

*Some items may need to be special ordered. Please contact the studio to inquire about availability*

Archie's Base

16oz Pint Stock #: MBG034

Gun Metal Green

16oz Pint Stock #: MBG026

Blue Purple

16oz Pint Stock #: MBG028

Red Gold

16oz Pint Stock #: MBG031


16oz Pint Stock #: MBG055


16oz Pint Stock #: MBG056


16oz Pint Stock #: MBG057

Ice Blue

16oz Pint Stock #: MBG058