Access all of the video content and free tool included in the Tool Lover membership, PLUS get a 30 minute ZOOM Meeting with one of our instructors each month.

  • You can use your meeting time to ask questions, get critiques, and problem solve with one of our knowledgable instructors on the topic of your choice.  Give us an idea of what you’d like to discuss when you request your meeting time so we can come prepared.
  • You will have the ability to request a specific instructor if you like, and a general day and time for your ZOOM meeting each month on the Subscription Services homepage.  We will email you to confirm an exact date.
  • It is the responsibility of the Member to request a lesson.  QCC will not make-up lessons for months that were missed due to Member’s failure to request, or if Member misses a meeting.  If Member needs to reschedule a lesson, QCC must be notified via email at least one full business day before the scheduled meeting (i.e. notice must be given by Friday at 11:00am for a meeting schedule on Monday at 11:00am).  QCC will make every attempt to reschedule within the current month.  If another time cannot be found, Member may get a full hour lesson in the following month.  If notice is given less than one business day before the scheduled meeting, Member will forfeit their lesson for that month.
  • Additional lessons may be purchased for $30 per half hour.
  • Tools will be shipped during the first week of the month.  Members who register after the first of the month will receive their first tool the following month.  No refunds, exchanges, or substitutions on featured tools.
  • Studio use, materials, and firing are NOT included in this subscription.