Kickstarter Campaign

Our campaign in now LIVE!!!!  Check it out here.

Queen City Clay is launching an extensive fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to replace our 22-year-old gas kiln with a new high-efficiency BLAAUW kiln.

Education and community has always been Queen City Clay’s primary focus. Purchasing this new kiln would offset costs of our rapidly expanding education department so we don’t have to pass those costs on to our customers.  With the savings in energy costs from the BLAAUW kiln we can freeze prices for our high school field trips, special events, and firing prices.  This also means faster tun around times for our members and community potters who fire their work here at QCC.  A full ^10 reduction firing can be executed with a 24-36 hour turn around time from load to unload!  

Our first fundraising goal is $25,000, but if we’re going to cover the entire cost of the kiln, we need to raise $58,000!  We have our work cut out for us and we can only do this with your moral support!

Our Kickstarter launches Thursday, September 14, 2017. Please join us for a launch party, that same day from 6pm-9pm. We’ll have a potluck dinner and drinks, music, raffles, “donation stations”, a photo booth, and amazing company!