(SP) Arroya

Arroya glazes from AMACO® are textured and produce a unique “carved” effect when fired. Use over gloss and matte unfired glazes. Arroya glazes are best applied with a fully loaded fan blender for all-over coverage or with a sponge when using a pouncing method. The heavier the application, the larger the break-up effect and the more matte the finish.

•Break-up or carved effect over base glaze
•For use over low-fire glazes
•Cone 05

SP-Arroya Black

Stock #: 39300A

SP-Arroya White

Stock #: 39302C

SP-Arroya Brown

Stock #: 39301B

SP-Arroya Soft Black

Stock #: 39308J

SP-Arroya Soft White

Stock #: 39307G

(SP) Special Effect

Unusual glaze effects on top of AMACO glazes, see each glaze for its own particular effect.

•Cone 05

SP-Overdrift Specialty Glaze

Stock #: 38752C

SP-Snowfluff Specialty Glaze

Stock # (4oz): 38751B

Stock # (pint): 38753D

SP-White Crawl Specialty Glaze

Stock #: 38755F