Continuing Education Units

Need some C.E.U.’s?  For every hour you’re in a QCC program you receive 1 C.E.U.  That’s like getting paid to party.  Let us know if you need C.E.U.’s for a workshop or class you’ll be attending.  We can give you a certificate the same day.

Accreditation through Ashland University

Queen City Clay has an ongoing partnership with Ashland University that allows art educators to earn graduate credits through our eight week classes.  Here’s how it works:  Decide which class you’d like to take.  Descriptions will be posted on the Classes page of our website.  Email Chrissy with your contact information, the school you teach for, and the class you want.  We will submit the class to Ashland and you will be sent a link where you can register for the class with them.  The tuition is split.  $180 will be owed to Ashland and $180 will be owed to Queen City Clay.  You will work closely with your instructor on what your project goals are, have regular critiques throughout the class session, and give a presentation to your classmates at the end of the eight weeks.


Free Teacher Workshops

The Free Teacher Workshop SUMMER EDITION is ready to roll!  We will offer four free workshops for art educators from July 11th through August 1st. These are offered to help you run a safe and exciting clay program at school as well as to inform and boost your own artistic endeavors.  Use the form below to put your name on the list and look for retail discounts specific to teachers and featured items each week.

Thursday July 11th, 10:00 - 12:00: KNOWING YOUR CLAY & TOOLS

Teachers will have several clay types to work with while they test a massive amount of ribs, carving tools, texture tools, underglaze applicators, and clay paints. This is like a semester of general clay knowledge and shop class all rolled into one.

Thursday July 18th, 10:00 – 12:00: SURFACE, SLIPS, & TRANSFERS

Chrissy will school teachers on the proper way to prep slabs and pots for cool slip and underglaze transfers that will add a new layer of sexy to any project. (“Sexy” is a technical clay term.)

Thursday July 25th, 10:00 – 12:00: BUILD A NEIGHBORHOOD

We are going to use hard slab construction to quickly make houses which will go with a written memory from the first house each participant lived in. These houses will create a neighborhood by the end of the workshop.

Thursday August 1st, 10:00 – 12:00 – FAST STACKING ON THE WHEEL

Ben will teach how to quickly stack wheel thrown forms to get some height on pots in a shortened classroom set up. Basic clay throwing skills are necessary.

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